AetherWorks is a software research and venture development firm based in New York City.

We value quality engineering and are dedicated to creating innovative, fault-tolerant software.

AetherWorks also invests in other early-stage start-ups that share our mission in bringing original, high quality technology to market.

We're currently developing AetherStore, a software-defined storage solution that pools unused computer storage space to create a robust, secure network drive with no new hardware. Learn more about AetherStore:

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For more, visit the AetherWorks Blog or learn about our team, what we’re interested in, and what we’re currently working on.

The AetherWorks executive team is comprised of:

Dr. Robert F. MacInnis

Dr. Robert F. MacInnis

CEO & Founder

Originally from Westport, CT, Robert received a B.Sc. Honours (First Class) in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in 2005.

In tandem with ventures in online gaming software and location-based advertising, Robert completed his post-graduate research at the University of St Andrews and was awarded his Ph.D. in 2010 for a thesis entitled “A Scalable Architecture for the Demand-driven Deployment of Location-neutral Software Services”.

Robert returned to the U.S. in 2010 to start AetherWorks with the goal of creating an environment in which he could continue to engage in scientific research while developing and growing businesses around its advances.

In his free time Robert plays as a goalkeeper in a New York soccer league, is an avid golfer and serves as a member and treasurer of the board of trustees of the University of St Andrews American Foundation.

Allan P. Boyd

Mr. Allan P. Boyd

Chief Operating Officer

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Allan is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in computer science. He received a B.Sc. with Honours in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in 2005. Allan won the 2005 Scottish Institute for Enterprise award for “Best Overall Business” with his first company IT Onsite, before moving to England to work with Aquila Heywood in 2007.

In 2008 Allan joined the management team at Kelvin Connect, a mobile data and information management software firm. After seeing the company through its acquisition by Airwave Solutions in 2011, Allan moved to New York to join AetherWorks.

Allan remains an active investor in a number of ventures in the UK, most notably the Ingenium Academy, where he also sponsors an annual scholarship. He is an accomplished musician, has played with the Royal Northern Philharmonic, and is a supporter of children's music education through the Fife Horn Union, a charitable organization based in Scotland.

Angus D. Macdonald

Dr. Angus D. Macdonald

Director of Research

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Angus received a B.Sc. Honours (First Class) in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in 2007. During this time he collaborated on research on middleware systems, and was an award winner at the 2007 Scottish Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards for his work on Web Service Composition.

Angus was awarded his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews for a thesis entitled “The Architecture of an Autonomic, Resource-aware, Workstation-based Distributed Database System”. He continues his work in autonomic, fault-tolerant distributed systems as Director of Research at AetherWorks, and he currently guides the implementation of AetherStore.

Our team members are encouraged to become experts in their areas of specialization.

Approaching our research with a broad knowledge base, we utilize a short evaluation cycle to explore the commercial viability of the latest technology. The ideas we take into development are the most innovative, technologically and commercially sound products of our research.

Our current areas of research include: scalable autonomic storage networks, demand-driven software service deployment architectures, byzantine fault-tolerance, and distributed consistency algorithms.

Exceptional software is the product of great developers working in an innovative environment.

The AetherWorks Development team shares a broad practical and theoretical knowledge of Computer Science. We maintain a small, agile team committed to building brand new products through quality engineering.

We're currently developing AetherStore, a software-only storage solution that enables you to pool the unused space on computers in your network to create shared network storage.

With AetherStore, our team is busy solving real problems every day, ranging from work on data replication across unreliable networks, to interface and API design for our front-end systems.

Read more about our current project:


(Patent Pending)

Most companies only use a fraction of the space on their workstation and server hard drives – AetherStore is a software-only storage solution that enables you to pool the unused space on the computers in your network to create a new network drive. AetherStore encrypts, replicates and deduplicates data, providing enterprise-grade storage on demand. No new hardware required.

More information is available at

AetherWorks is building more than quality software.

We designed our open plan office to encourage collaboration amongst our team. From daily stand-up meetings to casual conversations by the water cooler, we value the expertise of each of our employees and an easy exchange of knowledge above all else.

As a small team, AetherWorks takes an interest in what each of our employees look for in a work environment.

What We Offer

AetherWorks offers fully subsidized health and dental insurance, pension plan and 401k matching, stock options, pre-tax commuter transit benefits, flexible working hours, and generous paid vacation time, including extended company-wide leave over the holiday season.

We want all of our employees to take pride in helping us build a successful company, and we also want them to enjoy themselves along the way! Some of the perks of working at AetherWorks include company-stocked fridges with snacks and drinks, coffee, great views of Byrant Park, and the opportunity to join office coed sports teams or partake in company happy hours.

AetherWorks employees are also encouraged to take their work experience outside the office. Our team members have attended tech events all over NYC and some across the globe. For business development, employee education, or just for fun, AetherWorks makes a point to enable employees to make connections beyond the office.

Available Positions

Product Evaluation Specialist

Office Administrator (Part-time)

Interested in learning more about working at AetherWorks? Read our Director of Research's blog post "What We Do" on what it's like to work at AetherWorks and what we look for in a candidate.


We are looking for interns that are eager to gain experience working in an entrepreneurial environment. At AetherWorks, you will be exposed to multiple aspects of running a start-up and will be encouraged to share and implement innovative ideas.

Interested candidates can email us at

AetherWorks is located at:

501 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017
+1 (212) 518-1155

Press & Media Relations

Please contact Ms. Shannon Cody by email at or by telephone on +1 (212) 518-1155.